Our Team

We will provide the ideal solution and great service.

Our relatively small yet highly experience experienced team has the combined skills to ensure the ideal solution and service is provided for your pump and mechanical service requirements. Our team comprises licensed electricians, restricted electricians, fitter and turners, electronic engineers and licensed plumbers that carry many years of vast knowledge and qualified service to the industry.

Colin Clark - Director

Originally from Bendigo, Col came to the Gold Coast in 1980 with an electrical and mechanical background gained from experience in the industrial and commercial installation field. After working for some of the larger local electrical companies he branched out into commercial installation and maintenance and as part of that was involved with the installation of pumping stations around southeast Queensland and the Gold Coast regions. In the late 80’s Col and his wife Ann bought Alpha Pumps and has since worked throughout the region serving the area in the pumps and mechanical services industry.

Daniel Clark - Director

Dan completed his electrical apprenticeship with Alpha PMS in 2002 after completing his high school certificate four years earlier. Shortly after becoming licensed, Dan moved to Victoria and worked as an electrician on construction and maintenance of poultry processing plants, farms and holding pens. After moving back to the Gold Coast he worked with some of the more recognised electrical contractors in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region.

Dan’s main scope of work has been (and still is) commercial and industrial and brought this experience back to Alpha PMS in 2008. He has played a large role in extending our provision of mechanical services into air handling units for mechanical ventilation, car park ventilation, extraction systems and electrical mechanical services.

Andrew Brien Hampton
- Pump Technician / Fitter & Turner

Hailing from Dubbo in country NSW, Drew has been working with Alpha PMS for over 3 yrs now. Drew is a qualified Fitter & Turner and is a key member of the team. His experience has become an invaluable asset as has his sense of humour and commitment to the values of the company. A professional through and through, Drew knows his trade and can be relied on to deliver outstanding service on every job.

Clint Fleming - Apprentice Electrician / Pump Technician

A Gold Coast boy through and through, Clint is the newest member to our team.  Clint has signed an electrical apprenticeship with Alpha PMS  He is a very keen learner and enjoys the variety of work he is given. Clint shows promise of being a top Alpha PMS Technician in the years ahead.