Level Indicator

The Level Indicator supplies liquid level information for the monitored reservoir.
Operation The Indicator monitors the level of liquid in the reservoir and displays it on the level indicator. If the level reaches the HIGH or LOW LEVEL alarm points (set in Indicator) the Indicator activates an ALARM indicator and an audible siren providing HIGH or LOW level alarm warnings. There is also provision for remote alarm monitoring utilising an on board volt free contact alarm output.

Level Indicator Control Panel
 The Level Indicator Control Panel offers identical level display and alarm options as the Level Indicator and also the ability to control a small pump.
The controller can operate in the following modes:

  • Auto - automatically manage the tank levels.
  • Manual - allows the operator full manual control of the pump.
  • Off - Inhibits all pump operations.
Model Type Power Remote Alarm Depth
LI Indicator 240vac  Yes 100mm - 3000mm
LL Indicator / Logger
Yes 100mm - 3000mm


All ALC models use identical connection mechanisms for all external wiring. Max wire size is 2.5mm. Click here to see a picture of the connector. (When at the installation page scroll to the bottom)