Mechanical Services & Ventilation

We ensure your building ventiaton systems operate efficiently.

Ensuring your building ventalion systems operates correcy and efficiently is vital.  Does your current service &
maintenance provider have the professional knowledge, business systems and mechanical services experience needed to protect your investment?

Alpha PMS Pty Ltd has been providing the south east queensland with relaible, cost effective systems.  All our staff are trade qualified and have from 6 – 25 years experience and have comprehensive experience in relevant ventialtion and extraction fan systems. Each technician holds current Queensland accreditation and carries either a full or restricted electrical license.

Our team is dedicated to the complete maintenance, repair, retrofit and replacement of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Our areas of mechnical services expertise are:

  • Car park CO monitoring systems 
  • Industrial ventilation systems
  • Rooftop extraction fans system and units
  • Car park extraction and ventilation fan systems
  • Car park quality air controlling systems
  • Ventilation ducting systems
  • Energy efficient and intelligent fans
  • Dust control and specialised exhaust systems
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Refrigeration and cold rooms

Unlike some of our competitors traditional maintenance services that tend to be reactive rather than proactive, AlphaPMS firmly believes a well maintained property will operate and use energy more efficiently, last longer and command a higher valuethan a property without the benefit of a comprehensive maintenance program. For any additional information on our range of mechanical services, please contact our friendly staff